PIEDMONT, CA – The Piedmont resident and tennis communities are rallying around a fundraising campaign designed to support the renovation of the Recreation Center tennis courts and its planned rededication as the Corey Reich Tennis Center. Residents and tennis enthusiasts alike are excited about creating a tennis destination worthy of Piedmont’s winning tennis teams and storied coaches, such as Corey Reich himself.

Corey Reich, a 2004 graduate of Piedmont High School, was a member of the Men’s Varsity Tennis Team. In 2007 while at Middlebury College, he was diagnosed with ALS. After graduating from Middlebury with honors in 2008, Corey returned to Piedmont and has served as the Assistant Coach for the Piedmont High School Men’s and Women’s Varsity Tennis teams ever since. Corey is a powerful and inspirational coaching presence every day of these teams’ seasons. He has been instrumental in the continued success of the PHS tennis program, whose men’s and women’s programs have been the only ones to qualify every year for the NCS Team Championships since its inception in 1998-99.

“We donated to the Corey Reich Tennis Center renovation project because Cory is one of the most inspirational people we know,” said Piedmont resident Diana Gleghorn. “He has given hours, days, and years to the tennis program at Piedmont and it seems obvious that the tennis center should bear his name. It is the least we can do as a community to recognize the dedication and hard work of this exceptional person.”

“We chose to contribute to honor the outstanding contribution that Corey has made to Piedmont tennis,” said Maria Carson Breber. “His dedication to his players shows up in so many ways – from his amazing knowledge of every possible tennis rule to the way he stays up-to-date on each team in the league to the coaching he provides during matches. Not only is he a wonderful coach, he is also a wonderful person. We are so lucky to have him be a part of Piedmont tennis.”

Former PHS Varsity tennis coach Neil Rothenberg noted with pride that PHS Tennis teams and Corey have had a dynamic run together, racking up an impressive total of 10 NCS championships.

The tennis court reimagining and renovation project is being spearheaded by Piedmont Recreation Department director Sara Lillevand, who shared that the City’s currently scoped improvements including resurfacing of the courts with a slipsheet overlay system, installation of new net posts and nets, installation of new fencing surrounding and new ball stop fencing between courts, as well as, drainage improvements at the west end of the complex.

With additional community support, renovations will expand to include installation of new bleachers for spectators and tennis court benches for players, installation of new LED lights, installation of a new drinking fountain with water bottle filler, and a permanent Wall of Champions to recognize winning teams and players from Piedmont High School tennis teams.

No donation is too small, and interested community members can view more information on the renovation and donation opportunities at www.prfo.org/corey.

Fundraising will continue through May, and renovations are scheduled for Spring and Summer, 2019.