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1110, 2020

Piedmont Community Pool- PRFO in Support of Measure UU

Piedmont Recreational Facilities Organization (“PRFO”) mission statement reads: ”PRFO works collaboratively with the City of Piedmont to identify, advocate for, and bring private financial support to assist in the funding of projects that invest in healthy spaces within the city.” The tagline for PRFO is “Working Together so we can Play Together.” Never have these words been more relevant than in the City’s commitment to rebuild the Piedmont Pool complex through the passage of Measure UU.

The Piedmont Pool is an iconic part of the community where generations of Piedmont residents have enjoyed the outdoors. Our one and only public pool is also an essential facility providing a safe and healthy place for families to enjoy aquatics. In addition to the community usage, it also provides Piedmont students the opportunity to compete in swimming and water polo which promotes teamwork, commitment, discipline, and drive. All important qualities as they embark on their life journeys.

In support of its mission, PRFO has partnered with the City in the renovation of Hampton Park and the conversion of the City’s Vista tennis courts into the Corey Reich Tennis Center. Community enthusiasm and support have made these projects a reality through private financial contributions of over $1,300,000. The catalyst for the success of these fundraising initiatives has been the City’s willingness to take the lead and commit funding first. Then PRFO, in partnership with the Piedmont Beautification Foundation (“PBF”) and other community groups, has been able to rally private donations to support the success of these improvements.

The boards of PRFO and PBF have both endorsed Measure UU. Should Measure UU pass, and if asked by the City, PRFO would be willing and ready to rally community financial support for the Piedmont Pool. But first things first, the voters of Piedmont need to decide if they want the City to rebuild a pool for the next 50 years. For the sake of the health of our community, I hope the answer is yes.

Steve Collins
Piedmont Recreational Facilities Organization (“PRFO”)