Piedmont Recreational Facilities Organization (PRFO) presented a $385,000 check to the City of Piedmont at the December 18th City Council meeting representing their final installment of support of the Hampton Park Improvement Project.  PRFO is a group of Piedmont residents who work in a collaborative, public-private partnership with the City of Piedmont to promote healthy, recreational spaces in town.

Generous private donations from Piedmont residents facilitated by PRFO have helped underwrite the comprehensive, $1.9 million overhaul of the Hampton Park facility which was completed this fall.  In total, the Piedmont community contributed a total of $820,124 toward the Hampton Park Improvement Project.

“The generosity of the Piedmont community in supporting the Hampton renovation was spectacular,” said PRFO former president Mark Menke. “This is a testimony to what makes Piedmont such a terrific place to live – people working together and giving their time and money to improve key city assets.”

Back in April, 2016, the City of Piedmont had been considering undertaking the Hampton Park renovation project in separate phases due to funding concerns, according to Piedmont City Administrator Paul Benoit.

“PRFO stepped up at that critical time and, adding to donations from the Piedmont Baseball Softball Foundation and the Piedmont Soccer Club, contributed $150,000 to support completion of the Hampton Park project in one single phase,” said Mr. Benoit.  $303,254 in private donations were allocated to the construction budget when the Council approved the project.  Subsequently, an additional sum of $516,870 was privately raised by the PRFO led campaign.

Completing the project in one phase minimized the impact on neighboring families, reduced overall project costs, shortened the project’s duration and minimized impacts on Piedmont Recreation Department and Piedmont youth sports clubs’ programming.  The project was completed over the course of one year, in line with budget and timing expectations.

“I am looking forward to a continuing partnership with PRFO to continue our work and focus on making significant and lasting improvements to our existing recreational fields,” said Mr. Benoit.