Piedmont Recreation Facilities Organization, in conjunction with the City of Piedmont, is pleased and proud to recognize the 241 generous donors who made the creation of the Corey Reich Tennis Center a reality. $455,000 was raised in record time, with a 95% participation rate, funding significant improvements, renovations, and installations at the center, and enabling the recognition of the extensive contributions of Piedmont’s own Corey Reich.

Recently completed Tennis Center improvements by Vintage Construction included:

  • Slipsheet resurfacing of four courts
  • Retaining wall repairs and repainting
  • New fencing and windscreen installation
  • New ball stop fencing installation
  • Drainage improvements
  • New net posts and net installation
  • New ADA-accessible bleacher installation
  • New ADA-accessible entryway and gates
  • New bottle-filling water fountain installation

Upcoming improvements for 2020 include:

  • Court bench installation (Spring)
  • Spectator benches placement beyond the outer fence (Spring)
  • Picnic table installation (Spring)
  • Backpack-storage cubbies/lockers installation (Spring)
  • New CRTC entryway signage
  • Donor signage and recognition installation – designer Peter Fishel (Spring/Summer)
  • Energy-efficient LED court lighting renovation (Summer)

Approximately $200,000 has also been earmarked to fund ongoing maintenance of the Corey Reich Tennis Center. Proper maintenance over time is crucial, yet expensive, and maintaining the quality of the center bearing Corey’s name is important and appropriate. PRFO continues to accept donations for this work at www.prfo.org/donate.

Corey Reich, a 2004 graduate of Piedmont High School, was a member of the Men’s Varsity Tennis Team. Diagnosed with ALS in2007, Corey returned to Piedmont after graduating from Middlebury College and has served as the Assistant Coach for the Piedmont High School Men’s and Women’s Varsity Tennis teams. Corey has been instrumental in the continued success of the PHS tennis program, whose men’s and women’s programs have been the only ones to qualify every year for the NCS Team Championships since its inception in 1998-99.

PRFO is a group of Piedmont residents who work in a collaborative public-private partnership with the City of Piedmont to promote recreation facilities and fields to meet community needs. To learn more about PRFO, visit www.prfo.org.

On behalf of PRFO, please accept our thanks for helping make the Corey Reich Tennis Center a resounding success!